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Never lose track of the images in your RoboHelp projects by using the Image Mover script to place them logically in the appropriate folders.

In RoboHelp you can easily add images to your topics by dragging an image from a directory into a topic. This works well, but unfortunately when you insert an image this way RoboHelp saves the image into the project’s root folder. With a small number of images this isn’t an issue, however, when the numbers increase things can get messy.

With the Image Mover script you can take back control of your projects and their images. The script indexes all the images in your project’s root folder and finds the topics where the images are used. When the image is used in a single topic, the script moves the image into the same directory as the topic. The script then amends the topic so that it points to the new image location. If an image with the same name already exists, then the script will automatically give the moved image a unique name.

“I inherited a project with lots of images in the project root. I just ran the script and I could not be more delighted. It has done just what it said on the tin. It saved me at least a couple of days work!”

— Peter Grainge,


Willam van Weelden


June 29, 2015


December 31, 2015






RoboHelp 8+

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