ExtendScript Library


A library containing many useful functions and methods to help you extend the power of RoboHelp by creating your own scripts.

The RoboHelp ExtendScript library is a repository of useful functions and methods to help you create scripts for RoboHelp. With this library you can focus on what your scripts need to do rather than creating methods for handling common tasks. The library is the basis of all scripts offered through Help Essentials.

Automate tasks

Quickly and easily write your own scripts to automate repetitive tasks such as removing a specific style from all the topics in your project.

Retrieve settings

Save script settings for any project on your computer and retrieve them whenever you need to.

Script scheduling

Schedule scripts to run automatically at predefined intervals or when specific events occur such as when an output is created.

Better customisation

Get the most out of RoboHelp automation by harnessing the power of ExtendScript, customise routine tasks, and save you hours of effort.


Willam van Weelden


June 5, 2017


June 5, 2017






FrameMaker 11+, RoboHelp 11+

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