Amber Layout


Based on the Indigo layout, Amber offers an alternative look and feel, while retaining all the good stuff included in the original layout.

Amber is a replacement layout for RoboHelp, based on the Indigo layout released in RoboHelp 2017. It’s fully responsive, has a Favorites feature built in, and is super-easy to import into any existing project, giving you an alternative look and feel the next time you publish.

Quick start integration

Pre-installed and ready to go straight out-of-the-box, with no additional coding required. Simply import into your project and publish to see the results.

Easy customisation

Fine grained customisation of the layout, including all images and colors, is easily updated through the RoboHelp Layout Editor without touching a line of code.

Localisation support

Localisation is a given. Translate the layout into any language you wish using the standard localisation options in the RoboHelp Layout Editor.

Merged project-ready

Publishing a merged Help system? No problem, the favorites layout fully supports merged Help and the addition of new merged projects.

Responsive design

No matter how your content is viewed, the layout is 100% responsive, meaning your output will look consistent on any browser, screen or device.

Right-to-left support

Whichever language you intend to publish, the favorites widget automatically adapts, meaning right-to-left content is covered too.

Server compatible

Combine the benefit of server functionality with the ability for your readers to add favorites. The layout is fully compatible with RoboHelp Server 10.


Jonathan Smith


January 4, 2018


January 4, 2018






RoboHelp 2017+

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